If you can dream it you can do it!

Style is an expression of individualism and charisma. Fashion is something that comes after.

I don’t design clothes. I design dreams.

This world is but a canvas for our imagination.

LIFE is the ultimate privilege; a river filled with wonders and horrors. Love, sorrow, beauty, evil and temptation. And we need them all to survive and enjoy the journey.

Truest love needs no words, demands or promises. It is wordless territory, and thoroughly unconditional.

Memories and hope are two things no-one can ever take away from you.

Quick & Easy

Hello lovelies,
this post will be a little bit different. No outfit, no make up. It's food recipe.
This recipe is something I've tried a couple of times before, and now I decided to take pictures of this delicious dessert.
I do not have exact recipe, as this one is made up by me. So I will tell you how I did it, but it doesn't mean that you have to use the exact ingredients. You can play with it.
I call it little banana sandwiches.

The exact amount of every ingredient is totally up to you. For this dessert you will need:

1. Peanut butter
2. Bananas
3. Dark chocolate (you can use any chocolate)
4. Almond/Pistachio/Brazil nuts/Hazelnuts (blended)
5. Strawberries

Cut your bananas, and use small tablespoon to put a tiny amount of peanut butter over one slice. When you make the sandwich, put the toothpick in the middle of banana sandwich and roll it into the melted chocolate. I melted 200 grams of chocolate, over boiled water.

I used 3 bananas, and made around 15 little sandwiches. When you finish the rolling with chocolate, continue in the same way, this time using your blended nuts. You can use only one type of nut, it's up to you.
I chose to do the same thing with strawberries as well.

There was some chocolate and blended nuts left over, so I decided to make desserts into glasses.
I blended the nuts into chocolate and placed the mixture at the bottom of the glass, then randomly placed some strawberries, and finally, blended hazelnuts mixed together with coconut milk, on the top of everything :)

You'll have to try the recipe as it's freaking delicious!


Hello lovelies,
here are the three different make up looks, with the same eyeliner shape and three lip shades- red, nude and burgundy.
So this is the perfect example of  how you can wear one eye look with different lipstick colors.
I made pictures of an outfit with nude lipstick, not the complete one though.
But you can wear the rest of it with anything. Autumn is here, so don't be afraid to be bold in make up :)


Hello October!

Hello lovelies,
September has gone too fast. It seems like the time is always in a rush. Luckily, first days of October were not rainy, and the weather was good for taking pictures outside. Nothing worse than bad weather for taking pictures outside. Especially if you are fashion blogger, and you want to take shots of all details.
Here's a simple outfit I'm wearing quite often, just a different combo.

Lace blouse- Choies (here)
Skirt- Vintage
Hat and socks- H&M
Necklace- Lindex
Boots- Zara

Suit yourself, Madam!

Hello lovelies,
I think that all of you who are following me from the beginning noticed that I love wearing suits. My inspiration goes beyond man suit. I love the power of women who wear man suits, such as Catherine Deneuve, Katherine Hepburn, Marlene Dietrich. They had that uber hot, sophisticated and classy look, which I just love.
 I find wearing man's clothes really sexy. Maybe because of the attitude of women wearing it, and the idea of stealing your man's clothes/fashion. I don't know, but it's just tha,t woman with attitude and power can look ten times better and sexier in tuxedo than in an evening dress. Man trousers, which are hard to pull of, in case you want to look like a lady, can look amazing with polished make up and high heels. But remember, confidence is the key.

Trousers and blazer- Zara
White blouse- H&M
Earrings- H&M
Ankle boots- Zara
Hat- Lindex


Hello lovelies,
Here's the outfit & make up look of yesterday. The weather is almost winter like, so gloomy and cold, that I still don't wanna believe the summer is over. In a mood like that, I wear nothing but black, as it perfectly describes my state of mind nowadays. I've got tons of ideas for shoots, but today, I couldn't even go out. Pajamas all day. Not usual for me, as I'm always in a move, doing something creative. But today is my lazy day :P

As I was having some meetings from early in the morning, and didn't have time to take pictures for blog until late noon, I had to use flash, because it was dark.
Except this selfie, taken early in the morning :)

Skirt and boots- Zara
Lace blouse- Choies ( here)
Socks and hat- Lindex

Max Factor Face & Eye Luminizer

Hello lovelies,
I present you the Face Luminizer Foundation and Eye Brightener

Candice as a new face for MF Luminizer Line


Here's the review on the foundation first:
Let me be clear about this one. If you are looking for a full 'mask' like coverage, skip this foundation. This is more of a lightweight foundation. If you want to know the secret of healthy-looking skin, you will find it in this one, as it contains light-reflecting particles that create a gorgeous healthy glow.

It is said that the foundation:
  • Reflect ‘warm’ light tones tahnks to the subtle skin luminizers
  • Also contains a hydrator that helps improve skin’s condition to create a healthy glow from within.
  •  Has got medium coverage with a dewy finish.
 I agree on those three, as it really felt lightweight, with a dewy finish, as well as moisturizing. I have got combination skin, but at the moment, it's so dry and dehydrated that this foundation was perfect for me. What I love the most is the handy pump dispenser! I love that about all of the foundations. So practical :) I also love the golden packaging.

Of course, here in BiH, we only have 5 shades, but the foundation range is made out of 14 shades. The lightest one is 30 (Porcelain), and in BiH, the lightest one is 47 (Nude).

Eye Luminizer (Brightener)
  • Eye brightener covers dark circles, immediately rejuvenating eye area.
  • Also hydrates delicate under-eye skin, helping make it more radiant over time.
I love the brightener, as it's so light, and can not be even seen, if you apply small amount with your fingers.
It's so smooth and soft. As I do not have dark undereye circles, but a little of blue in the corners of my eyes, I can not really tell how it covers dark circles.

There are 5 shades of brightener, and in BiH, I think we only have 3 shades.

Have you tried this foundation yet?
Which one is your favourite from Max Factor?

Hugs and kisses


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