If you can dream it you can do it!

Style is an expression of individualism and charisma. Fashion is something that comes after.

I don’t design clothes. I design dreams.

This world is but a canvas for our imagination.

LIFE is the ultimate privilege; a river filled with wonders and horrors. Love, sorrow, beauty, evil and temptation. And we need them all to survive and enjoy the journey.

Truest love needs no words, demands or promises. It is wordless territory, and thoroughly unconditional.

Memories and hope are two things no-one can ever take away from you.

All about ruffles

Hello lovelies,
here's the outfit of yesterday. Those of you who are following my blog from the beginning will remember the post with this dress, because I wore it once before. I tend to wear something and then totally forget about it, as I fall in love with another piece of clothing. There's also one more reason I didn't wore this dress one more time. I don't like wearing something that someone else wore, especially in cases of public figures. Simone Simons from the blog SmoonStyle (for those of you who are not familiar with her) wore this dress live a couple of years ago, at almost the same time when I bought it, so I wore it no more since then :)
But as I love this dress so much, I decided to make an outfit post ;)

Here's the look :)

Dress- H&M
Shoes- H&M

Blue Rush

Hello lovelies,
here's the outfit look in blue. I'm going through a blue rush, all the time :) When not wearing black, I'd wear something blue, in a combination with red lipstick. Blue color is not only for boys :) Wearing red lips with blue dress can really make you look elegant and sophisticated.

Shirt- H&M
Shoes- Mango

Simply Beige

Hello lovelies,
here's the recent make up look inspired by the lovely dress. I decided to wear something long sleeved, as it is cold these days (as if summer forgot to come in these areas). So the beige top screamed to wear neutral, beige toned make up. So here's the look :)

Hugs and kisses

Summer picnic

Hello lovelies,
I'm spending these days in my hometown Prijepolje. I've got a couple of days to enjoy nature and gatherings with family and friends, then I have to go back to Sarajevo and prepare for my trip to Poland, and there are still many things to be done, but I'm not gonna think about it now. The weather today is awful, and I spent it with my friends at home, chilling and cooking.
I've got some pictures to show you, of beautiful Sopotnica. That's the place I visited a hundred times. Since I was young I went there with my parents. It was the place I visited regularly with my friends. I'm totally in love with it. It always brings back the memories from childhood, and the joyful time I had.
As much as I can not live without spending time in nature, make up free, wearing sneakers.. I can not live without make up, heels and dresses, and all of those beautifying things that all of us women love (some less, and some more) Loads of stuff are waiting for me to wear, and I'm super excited about the future shoots.

And here is the cutest little bunny I've ever seen. It's the bunny of my niece. She's so crazy about pets. She can sleep in the house with dogs, cats, rabbits and all of the animals. :D
I'm in love with her bunny. She had to carry him all the time, as she can not sleep without thinking where the bunny is. So this little guy was our friend at the picnic.

Hugs and kisses


Hello lovelies,
I hope you spent your weekend with your friends and your beloved ones. I spent amazing weekend, enjoyed the long walks, amazing company and food. I went for a little walk this Saturday, visiting the renewed Vijećnica, which looks AMAZING! I'm telling you, you have to visit this place once you come to Sarajevo.
I have a couple of pictures with my outfit and make up, simple and summery. Floral dress and my beloved wedges. Comfortable but still elegant in my own way.

Here are a couple of pictures showing how Vijećnica looks inside, but believe me, pictures can not tell how impressive it is. Unfortunately, it was totally ruined during war, but don't want to remember the sad history part. Now it looks splendid.

Avon goodies

Hello sweets,
this post is totally beauty inspired with lovely gifts I got from Avon. As I didn't have the chance to try all of the products more than once, I can't tell more than I read in the description on each of the product, and of course, by swatching all of it on my body.

Avon is such a great brand. Not pricey and has the lovely quality.

Let me start with the fragrance. I wrote about one more fragrance by Avon before, and it was Megan Fox one. I loved it, but I have to confess that I love this Little Pink Dress much more :)

1. Little Pink Dress

It's a new fragrance and I'm totally in love with it. It's floral. Perfect for summer. Top notes are citruses, lemon and caviar; middle notes are pink peony and jasmine; base note is patchouli.I haven't wore it out yet, so I can't tell about the longevity.

2. Color trend Naughty lipsticks by Avon

These lipsticks are so good! First of all, they smell amazing! Second, they are so hydrating and well pigmented, and third, they are so cheap :)

 They are so creamy, and smooth. When I tried to remove the swatched lipsticks from my hand they were not easily removed, so that means they're long lasting. What's even more great about those lipsticks is that you buy one and get two shades, which you can combine for day and night.You can use one side for softer day look, and the other one for bold night look, or combine both to create a one-of-a kind look.

3. Avon Gel Finish Nail Enamel

 These nail enamels are long lasting and excellent value. Gorgeous shine and long wearing. Dries very quickly and 2 coats brings out the colour well. I'm wearing Envy which is to die for! Well done Avon!

4. Avon Color Trend anti-blemish pressed powder (in shade Translucent)

I haven't tried it on my face, but when I swatched it, it seemed really nice. I will not be wearing it till winter, as my skin is now two shades darker, and this is the lightest shade.

5. Avon Color Trend Loose Powder Eyeshadow

Lovely lilac shade. This tiny eye shadow applicator is soooo cute :)


6. Avon Extra Lasting Eye shadow Ink

Amazing new high-impact color that lasts on lids for vibrant looks that virtually never fade! Cream-gel formula with pure color pigments. Crease-proof, sweatproof and waterproof. It reminds me of Maybelline Color Tattoo shadows.

That's all about Avon products. I hope I helped you in deciding which one to buy.

Hugs and kisses


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