If you can dream it you can do it!

Style is an expression of individualism and charisma. Fashion is something that comes after.

I don’t design clothes. I design dreams.

This world is but a canvas for our imagination.

LIFE is the ultimate privilege; a river filled with wonders and horrors. Love, sorrow, beauty, evil and temptation. And we need them all to survive and enjoy the journey.

Truest love needs no words, demands or promises. It is wordless territory, and thoroughly unconditional.

Memories and hope are two things no-one can ever take away from you.

Hello Autumn

Hello lovelies,
just a quick picture post. I have to go out in half an hour, so I have to be really quick.
I hate rain, and the fact that Autumn has arrived, and that we didn't have summer at all. But, as fashionista, Autumn is great when it comes to styling and make up. Color range is amazing. And I have to say that I really love Autumnal shades.

Angelica's 4th birthday!

Hello lovelies,

 I'm so proud of Angelica's 4th birthday :) It's been a long journey. I can't believe how time passes quickly.

I've made a few collages, just to recapture the moments, but I didn't even manage to put 10% of all the pictures from the posts, during these four years.

As you can see on the pictures below, those are the overview statistics :

Lots of love

Summer's gone

Hello lovelies,
I just want to share a couple of pictures that were taken these days. I've been busy working, and I'm so exhausted that I can not even tell. I took a couple of pictures what I'm wearing recently.Summer's gone, and I'm so sad. We didn't even have summer here. What a pity. Now it's raining non stop, and it's getting colder. The only thing that makes me happy, is burgundy lipstick and hats. The only reason I love autumn.

The shoes I'm wearing non stop, since the rain started.

Me talking for Face Magazin.

It was so sunny that I couldn't look properly :)
But I took a couple of selfies, to show my make up.

And you can watch the whole interview on this link

This is also one of my interviews for URBAN Magazin

And this is the mess I've been working with these days. 

                                                                                 Hugs and kisses

Glamorous Black Lace

As a huge fan of lace, I fell in love with the dress I'm wearing in this post. As soon as I saw it on Choies, I had to order the dress. It's black, it's all lacy. I'm all about black lace details. Black lace dresses could not be more glamorous and chic. The best thing about this femme fabric is that it looks fantastic with both statement accessories and bold beauty products.
As my favourite combination is golden accessories with black clothes, surprise, surprise, I wore my golden earrings, rings and ponytail holder to complete the look up. Both ponytail holder and rings were bought in Warsaw, during my training for Inglot :)

Dress- Choies
Rings and ponytail holder- H&M
Earrings- Parfois

Bourjois Paris Blogger Event

Hello dear followers,

I've been so busy these days, but that didn't stop me from getting dolled up :) Although I'm so tired of putting make up and wearing heels all the time. It's pretty much exhausting if you are wearing them all the time. Especially if you are perfectionist like me.
Well, here are a couple of pictures from the Bourjois Blogger Party (Event) which I was invited to. Had a great time. The decoration was pretty much amazing. Lovely colors, make up testers everywhere, macaroons and cocktails. So lovely.

I decided to wear the lacy dress which arrived from Choies. To glam everything up, I wore lavander smokey eye, with nude lip, and of course golden accessories. My fav combination.
So here are a couple of pictures from the event, as well as details of decoration.

The complete outfit post will be up after this one. So stay tuned ;)

 Midheta from (Young Sophisticates) and I :)

Dress- Choies


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