Avon New In

Hello lovelies,

here are some 'new in' goodies from Avon. If you want me to do some particular make up look, using some of the products from this post, just let me know in the comments down below.
This is not 'in depth' product review. I just wanted to show you what I got recently from Avon, that you may like; I quickly swatched some of the products on my hands. I haven's used these on my face so I can not tell anything about lasting performance. As I said, if you want me to do make up tutorial using some of the new in goodies, I will.

  • Avon Ideal Flawless CC Colour Correcting Pearls

These pearls are something I have never ever used before. This pot contains 5 shades of pearls and each shade is meant to do something on your face.

Red Power

Aisle Style

Hello lovelies,

I want to present you the brand Aisle Style.  It is an online retailer of amazing dresses, for any occasions really.

They have plenty of models of dresses, so you can choose perfect dress for your body shape and size.

What is even more important is that their dresses are affordable but haute couture looking. We all know that haute couture dresses are so expensive, but Aisle Style dresses are not. They are so unique and elegant, that they will turn every woman/girl into princess.

If you are looking for the perfect dress for prom, check out their prom dresses 2016!

I was looking through the website and I found some amazing red prom dresses :)

If you are someone that do not want to search through the whole website to find the cheapest dresses they offer, because you are on the budget, I have a link for you. It will help you to find all the cheap prom dresses at one place.

I think that there are no words to describe such elegance and ultimate glamour. Pictures will tell much more, so enjoy in some of the models I chose for you.

Casual Overload

Shine & Glow

Hello lovelies,

it has been a while since I made the post as a make up tutorial using drugstore make up only.

Check out my previous posts, similar to this one. I am sure you will find some inspiration for creating the look using drugstore products. You can find them HERE and HERE!

This look is spring/summer inspired. The previous ones are more autumnal.
So if you like fresh looking make up with shiny and vibrant lips this post is definitely for you :)

For this look I used only Catrice make up. The look is really easy, quick and affordable. I think that anyone can recreate it, and what is more important, it will suit anyone.

If you want to know how I achieved this look, please continue reading :)

I love crepes

Hello lovelies,

if you read my recent blog post about buckwheat crepes recipe, you will definitely love these ones even more.

In fact, the recipes are almost the same, except the toppings, which are not only the fruit and honey.

I find these crepes the best thing in the world when I am craving something sweet, but still want to eat healthy. As a matter of fact I don't even remember eating 'the white flour and milk' ones for ages.
I discovered this stevia line hazelnut spread which is way better than nutella, and guess what, it's healthy!
You can always use dark chocolate as well. I use it quite often, and mix it with coconut cream to get better taste.

The only negative side of making crepes is lack of time. It makes me avoid this recipe, but whenever I have one or two hours to spare, I choose crepes.

The dishwashing and cleaning of the mess afterwards is negative side as well, but hey, if you enjoy cooking and baking, it's worth it! Plus you know what you put in your belly. It's healthy and nutritious.

I'd rather spend a couple of hours preparing the meal at home, than treating my body like a trash can and filling it with fast food.

For this recipe you will need:

  • 1 egg
  • 500 ml of coconut milk
  • 300 g of buckwheat flour
  • coconut oil
  • hazelnut spread (stevialine)
  • some fruit (I used raspberries)

When it comes to toppings, as I have mentioned you can use dark chocolate, and lots of berries. Any fruit you fancy really! If you want to make it extra sweet (but healthy) you can use honey, agave syrup or maple syrup.

But let's be honest, whatever you choose, it's going to taste delicious!


Nashi Argan After Sun

Hello lovelies,

I wrote about hair care in some of my previous posts, and I introduced you to the Nashi Argan brand. I will not write about history of this particular brand, as you can find all the information in the older post.

Let me tell you just one more thing about Nashi Argan: I thought new products will be in the same range with the regular one. When I discovered Nashi Argan for the first time I was blown away. I thought, the After Sun will not be as fascinating, but I was wrong! I was blown away once again!

I can not imagine summer without these After Sun products.
They saved my pale skin, that is for sure.

Classic in Red

Holiday magic

Hello lovelies,

let me take you to my holiday journey. There is no need to write anything, pictures will tell their own story.