Nashi Argan After Sun

Hello lovelies,

I wrote about hair care in some of my previous posts, and I introduced you to the Nashi Argan brand. I will not write about history of this particular brand, as you can find all the information in the older post.

Let me tell you just one more thing about Nashi Argan: I thought new products will be in the same range with the regular one. When I discovered Nashi Argan for the first time I was blown away. I thought, the After Sun will not be as fascinating, but I was wrong! I was blown away once again!

I can not imagine summer without these After Sun products.
They saved my pale skin, that is for sure.

Classic in Red

Holiday magic

Hello lovelies,

let me take you to my holiday journey. There is no need to write anything, pictures will tell their own story.


Rainy Monday Glamour

Birthday Girl

Simple as that

Buckwheat Crepes

Hello lovelies,

some of my favourite French street food are crepes. Since I eat healthy I made my own version of classic and popular crepes. My healthy version is even more tasty than the original one.
I will show you only the sweet option, but as I made a lot of these, I kept them in the fridge and used them for lunch the next day. I made them with spinach and tomatoes, and they were delicious. I didn't have enough time to take pictures of the salty ones, since I spent almost an hour taking pictures of the sweet ones.
I made around 20 crepes, and it took me more than one hour (plus the dish washing and cleaning). It is not the most enjoyable food to make, but if you are someone that is passionate about cooking you will enjoy it anyway.

For this healthy crepes recipe you will need only four ingredients:

  • coconut milk
  • coconut oil
  • one egg 
  • buckwheat flour

For the dressing you may use whatever you want. I used a little bit of honey, together with strawberries and bananas. You can use blueberries, raspberries, or any other fruit you prefer. For the salty ones, you can use various vegetables, together with cheese. 

Try this recipe, it's super healthy and super yummy!

Healthy Bounty Bars

Hello lovelies,

I am really sorry for not posting during May, but my schedule is being full and tight during the whole May; I felt the need to write here but I just didn't have enough time. I need more sleep and some rest so apologize for being absent, but it is for a reason.

I showed you on my Instagram coconut and dark chocolate deliciousness, and promised to write the recipe here, so here it is.  Better late than never ;)

I am obsessed with coconut. I love the smell, I love the taste, and I just love everything about coconuts. Since I eat really healthy, I wanted to make something sweet and tasty but super healthy, so I decided to make bounties.


If you love coconut and sweets this recipe is perfect for you! It is healthy and super tasty and you know exactly what goes into the bars, unlike the commercial version of bounties, that are filled with sugar and diary products.
You will be amazed that these homemade bounty bars taste better than the ones you buy at the stores. The only thing is that they take a little bit more time to prepare, in my case about three hours. But I am not lazy when it comes to cooking healthy meals.

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