Quick, Easy & Affordable Make up Look

Hello lovelies,
I know that a lot of us do not have enough time to do make up in the morning, so for most of you, putting a foundation, mascara or even lipstick is quite on the go, running through the house. To be honest, even though make up is my passion, most of the time I do not wear it. My skin prefers to be naked, and it feels much better, healthier and fresher without it. But sometimes I take my time, and give myself a real treat, making the looks perfect and polished. I enjoy it really.
But, when I am in a rush, and want to wear make up, I put mascara and sometimes smudge some eyeshadow close to the lashline. That is the look I have done for you in this post, using only Catrice and Essence products.
Catrice and Essence products are really affordable, and have amazing quality products for a drugstore brand.

This make up look is natural looking, but still has that smokey feeling. It's suttle smokey which any eyeshape or color could wear.

Flattering Peplum


Hello lovelies,
this outfit post is all about burgundy shade, my absolute favourite Autumn's signature color. This oxblood shade, as it's called, is such a vibrant but yet moody tone, which can be worn with pretty much everything. Not only black ;)

Istina koje se krija iza bloga!

Dragi čitatelji i čitateljice,

Ovo će biti malo drugačiji post nego ste navikli, i predstavlja moju želju da kažem nešto više o svom blogu i životu iza njega. Outfiti, make up lookovi i saveti će izostati ovoga puta a priča zalazi mnogo dublje od svega što ste imali prilike da vidite na ovom blogu.

Počeću od razloga koji me motivisao da napišem upravo ovakav post.

Prvi i jedini koji ću obrazložiti detaljno je sama blogosfera i mediji koji nameću jednu sasvim drugačiju sliku od onoga šta je zapravo blog, barem za mene.

Slika o blogerima/vlogerima/youtuberima nameće priču djevojke/momka iz bogate porodice koji dobijaju odjeću/make up za dzabe, žive luksuznim životom a pritom se ne bave nikakvim drugim poslovima sa strane, niti znaju šta u stvari full time job znači.
Obzirom da sam dio tog svijeta, i o meni se stvara identična slika, vrijeme je da ispričam koliko je blog za mene jedna velika žrtva. Pokušaću da uljepšam sliku koliko toliko, da ne bih zvučala patetično, jer to je najmanje što želim.

Shades of Autumn

Hello lovelies,
here is just a quick outfit post. This is something I wear usually, and I didn't even plan on posting this look as I was wearing something similar in older posts, but as I was hanging out with my friend Nina, who is photographer, we decided to take a couple of quick shots.

I love shades of Autumn, although black is the king of colors in my closet.

Farmasi New In

Hello lovelies,
this is the first time I have tried Farmasi products, so I bring you the new in pictures and a little review. Although I haven't tried them in the make up looks, I could easily see the advantages and disadvantages only by swatching. Farmasi is Turkish brand that I  have heard of before, but this is the first time to actually use something from their range. I will make some make up posts with my favourite products, so stay tuned if you want to see me creating some looks using Farmasi.

Autumn in the town

Magic Effects Nail Polish

Hello lovelies,
I received lovely nail polishes from Avon this morning, and thought to share them with you. I'm not a huge fan of glittery nail polish, and I do not have long nails, simply because I can not work in the house with long nails. As I'm kind of a person that cleans the apartment practically everyday, I could not do anything with long nails. I also cook, so it makes my life easier to have short nails. One more thing, I do facial massage quite regularly, so I do not want to scratch my skin.
I didn't have enough time to paint the nails with each of the shade, but I'm sure you will see the color and its opacity on its own.

These are the new nail polishes in the Avon collection, so if you like the shades, check out their brand new catalogue ;)

Haute Red

Hello lovelies,
here comes another New In by Avon.
This time they were kind enough to send me such a lovely lip crayons and mascara. To be honest, I could never own too much lipsticks or mascaras.

PAC (Martha Tilaar)

Hello lovelies,
this post is related to beauty and as the post title suggest, it's about make up brand from Indonesia named PAC by Martha Tillar, who is well known in Indonesia.
To be honest I haven't heard of this cosmetic brand before, until a month ago,  when I received beauty box by Prestige Studio
I researched more about this brand, and I found out that they are high quality make up brand which perfectly fits Asian women ( you can tell that by the colors down below in my pictures).
PAC supports Indonesian performing plays, movies, soap operas, fashion shows, etc.
They are not animal tested which is great.
I couldn't make any make up look using only PAC products because I'm naturally pale, and do not have an Asian or Indonesian skin tone, but I used some of their products that were suitable for me.

If you are from Bosnia and want to order PAC cosmetics, you can do that by checking out Prestige Studio.