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Hair cut/Sunny Day

Hello my dear followers,
there are two things I need to say:
I've had my hair cut (not that much).My hair grows back like crazy, and I cut half of the length every summer, and it grows again like this.
The second thing:
 I've gone shopping today, and a couple of days ago as I think I will not be able to fall asleep, because I want to wear all of it at once, and I'm full of ideas for shootings :D
I went home for a weekend, and showed some drawings to the woman who sews all of my clothes for ages. Everything that is sewed in my wardrobe, or stylized and changed a little bit, is done by that woman. She lives near my house in Prijepolje, and I love how she does the job. She can go through my drawings and sew exactly how I want it.
I bought a couple of things in H&M today, and I'm desperate to wear it. I really hate the feeling of buying the clothes which you can't wear immediately.
Those are the pics from Prijepolje, at hairdresser, and the second outfit is from the walk at Vrelo Bosne. I've gone with the cousins, just to breathe some fresh air and get relaxed. Then I had to go to the rehearsals, and do an interview for the television, as the upcoming Metal Fest is getting nearer.

I was wearing this dress here


 I was wearing these pants here

Hugs and kisses


  1. wonderful pictures, like your trousers, those are very special!!
    i'm so jealous of your long hair :>
    have a nice evening,

  2. Divno, kao i uvek! Pantalone mi se jako dopadaju!!!;)

  3. Your hair is lush! My hair is long too, but it's definitely not as healthy as yours.
    I hate it when I can't wear the clothes I bought immediately. I'm too impatient!
    The outfit with the brown leather pants is beautiful!

    Roses and Equilibrium

    1. My hairdresser is impressed by the fact that it is healthy at this point. It's because I do not use anything on it, and do not curl it with hair straightener, or blow dry it that often. I let it dry naturally always.
      Thanks ;)

  4. predivna kao i uvijek., i prelijepu kosu imas , =D

  5. I hate buying clothes that you can't wear right away too! Gorgeous pictures! :)

  6. Prelijepa ti je kosa, a te hlače ti odlično stoje :D

  7. bas mi se svidja kombinacija..

  8. Ta prelepa kosa :))

    Giveaway na mom blogu

  9. Congrats on the new haircut :P You look incredible as always :)

  10. Predivna ti je kosa ;)
    Druga kombinacija je savršena!

  11. Prelijepo... sviđaju mi se fotografije :)

  12. Well, the greenish-beige photos by the pond are absolutely ADORABLE, and so are YOU. Lovely. Spring hugz for you.

  13. Prekrasna kosa!!! Divne fotografije!!!

  14. It's not fair. My hair grows maximum up to 0.5 cm in a month.

  15. i ti si tipa samo vrhove tako i ja super su odjevne kombinacije

  16. Ljepotica :) Hlace su mi savrsene :)

  17. nice pics! love the red coat!
    following you now!

  18. i lov hats and you are looking great in them! girl you are so pretty! just cant belive it ;)

    lovely regards from poland ;)

  19. ajme slike su divne, a ti pogotovo :)

    hlače su mrak <3



  20. Predivnu kosu imaš<3

  21. love this post your are very beautiful
    great blog
    let me know if you want to follow each other
    if you follow me just leave a comment so i can do the same.

  22. Great outfit, you look so pretty!
    Love your red pants! :)



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