Hello lovelies,
 this is just a quick make up post. I've had enough time to have fun and do something spontaneously, like I always do when it comes to make up.
I'm preparing for something, which I can not reveal yet ;)
Hope you like it!

This is what I started with first. I randomly chose colors and blended them with no mascara on the lashes. Later on, I drew some lace looking thing under my eyes, and thought that the paper lashes would look good with this look.

So, I ended up with this look. I didn't plan anything. It just came to my mind. I had nothing on my lips with the first look, but to make everything more dramatic and crazy I put on some burgundy lipstick, and here is the final result.

                                                                           Hugs and kisses


  1. Oh my goodness, this makeup is incredible! I love all of the drama. Gorgeous!

  2. this make up is amazing...i want to try to make this

  3. wow so original make up...great idea!

  4. Makeup je odličan, ali brate ja kad ovaj tvoj prekrasni ten vidim padam na dupe svaki put :-)

    1. Jao, Jasmina, hvala na komplimentu, ali daleko je od savršenog. :D Za sve to je zasluzan kvalitetan make up i temeljita skincare rutina. Imam hipersenzitivnu kozu, i na malu kolicinu prasine kisem i ospem se, pa crkoh odrzavajuci kozu :D

  5. Super ti stoje ljubičaste nijanse i ovakav dramatični makeup. Sviđa mi se!

  6. Wow, gorgeous O_O Love the Gothic black details underneath.

  7. Jako zanimljivo i meni se dopada kod tebe taj kontrast njezne zenstvenosti sa nesto grubljim, hrabrijim stavom.

  8. At first it looks very purple-y but then there's this hint of pink which I like a lot! this is so fun to play around with the make-up :) great way to use your free time :P